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Justice Revival in the News

“ICE is one of the principal abusers of human rights in US”

Interfaith Immigration Coalition
December 11, 2019

FaithXperimental Spotlight: Justice Revival, Washington, DC

The FaithX Project
September 19, 2019

Allyson McKinney Timm is named one of the top ten Faith Leaders to watch

Overseas Ministries Study Center
March 11, 2019

10 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2018

Center for American Progress
February 8, 2018

Justice Revival On Podcasts

Jeff Baker & Allyson McKinney Timm on Immigration & Human Rights

Ipse Dixit
June 8, 2020

Justice Revival: Inspiring Christian Communities to Respond to the Call of Justice

March 27, 2020

Episode 57: It’s 2019, Why Are Women Still not Protected by the US Constitution?

Faith and Feminsim Podcast
October 29, 2019

Episode 2: Featuring Allyson McKinney Timm

Grace Spaces
April 7, 2019

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