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Christian Human Rights Education

Justice Revival provides innovative Christian education on human rights to church and seminary audiences across the United States.

Our classes and workshops approach the subject from theological, ethical, legal, and historical perspectives, emphasizing the powerful support found in Christian values and beliefs. As a leader in this field, Justice Revival has educated hundreds of participants from coast to coast.

Educational Impact

When asked about their most valuable insights from Justice Revival’s course, here’s what participants had to say:

“Awareness of human rights of every individual.”

“How the Christian life and thinking underscores human rights.”

“The importance based on my faith of defending the rights of others.”

“To treat others as equals—more so than before.”

“There is a role for all of us to play.”

Seminary Workshops

Scripture calls us to pursue justice in the world, and human rights provides a powerful framework to do just that. Yet we see the concept of human rights too often misunderstood, neglected, or misused. How can people of faith reclaim a vision of inherent, universal human rights as a mode and measure of justice?

Justice Revival takes up this question and more in our interactive seminary workshops, designed for current and future faith leaders. Participants will explore:

  • The rich theological foundations of human rights
  • The international law and institutions that safeguard human rights
  • New insights on issues of injustice in our nation today
  • How to uphold human rights in our communities and beyond

Contact us if you are interested in bringing Justice Revival to your school in 2024.

“I believe clergy, particularly seminarians across all denominations, ought to learn from Justice Revival how to become committed, informed human rights advocates… Advocating human rights is unequivocal Christian stewardship.

At the Institute for Justice Formation, we rejoice at Justice Revival’s contribution to our discussion around justice, church, and society. Justice Revival’s insightful human rights presentation is now a foundational component of our graduate certificate in Biblical Justice Formation.”

Rev. Samuel Feemster

Faculty, John Leland Center for Theological Studies

“Justice Revival is a gift to the world Christian community. Our ministry serves as a gathering place for church leaders, scholars, and artists from the majority world, and knowing that our global partners often live and work in places where there are serious human rights abuses, we invited Allyson to lead the seminar on ‘Human Rights in Christian Perspective.’

Allyson presents the theoretical material with clarity, depth, and nuance, making space for participants to read this material into their own social, cultural, and political contexts.”

Rev. Thomas John Hastings, Ph.D

Executive Director, Overseas Ministries Study Center at Princeton Theological Seminary

Signature Workshop |  Gender Justice as a Matter of Faith: The 100-Year Struggle for an Equal Rights Amendment

If all human beings are equal in dignity and worth before our Creator, do we not deserve equal respect under the law? The Equal Rights Amendment would make this promise a reality by enshrining gender equality in the U.S. Constitution. The ERA is closer than ever to being rightfully recognized as the 28th Amendment, and people of faith have a critical opportunity to help get it over the finish line—securing equality for generations of Americans to come.

In this dynamic workshop led by an expert on the front lines of the ERA movement, participants will:

  • Explore foundations for gender justice and equality in Christian scripture and thought
  • Learn about the ERA, the 100 year struggle to see it adopted, and why it still matters more than ever—for both women and LGBTQ+ citizens
  • Get equipped to join the vibrant, growing movement for the ERA, alongside fellow faith advocates

“Allyson helped us navigate through questions of both political and economic rights, Biblical and theological sources, and then finally, how these things translate into real life. I found these ideas exciting and transformative, and immediately picked up one of the books she suggested for further reading.

After years of ministry, sometimes it feels hard to get excited about new areas of theology and practice, but this isn’t one of those times. I’m genuinely engaged in this important area now, and I hope that the way I and we do ministry will be permanently changed.”

Rev. Chris Chatelaine-Samsen

Associate Pastor, Georgetown Presbyterian Church

“Justice Revival is a breath of much-needed fresh air! The classes were informative and inspiring.

Allyson prompted us to explore the theological roots of human rights, and to trace their development in America’s history. Her vast knowledge – from Bible stories to Supreme Court decisions – is deep and her Christian interpretation is rich… Each class session resulted in meaningful conversations about justice: what has happened in the world, what is happening now in the U.S. and around the world, and what we, as a Christian community can do about it. I highly recommend her classes to any community dedicated to justice and human rights!”

Rev. Susan Querry Graceson

Pastor, Christian Community Presbyterian Church, Bowie, Maryland

The Heart of Human Rights Series

In this series of virtual events on pressing human rights issues, courageous advocates share compelling stories of their struggles and triumphs for justice in the United States. They are joined by other human rights experts and faith leaders who reflect on the spiritual and theological dimensions of their cause.

Watch past events to explore the inter-connections between Christian faith and human rights, and to more deeply understand urgent justice issues facing the United States.

This series is supported by the generosity of the Calvary Presbyterian Church Faith in Action Team and the H.C. Gemmer Christian Family Foundation. Deep thanks to Deb and Bruce MacLeod of San Francisco, CA, and Lori and Bill Price of Bellevue, WA, for their generous support of individual events.

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