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Gender Justice as a Matter of Faith

Gender Justice as a Matter of Faith

October 22, 2020 - October 24, 2020

Why does the Equal Rights Amendment matter today as much as ever? What potential does it carry for progress on gender-based violence, maternal mortality, pregnancy discrimination, and poverty in America? What should faith leaders committed to prophetic advocacy know abo...


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Human Rights Accountability for Systemic Racism in U.S. Policing

July 31, 2020


Health Care as a Moral Imperative: A Faith & Human Rights Perspective

May 15, 2020


Religion, Gender, Justice & Equality

March 5, 2020

Bring Justice Revival to Your Community

Is your community concerned about injustice and seeking new ways to respond? Interested in deepening the spiritual foundations of the justice work you’re already doing? Seeking fresh, faithful approaches for advancing justice and rights?

Bring Justice Revival to your community! Our flagship Christian education course offers a thorough introduction to human rights, grounded in faith. We’re also available for sermons, lectures, retreats, and workshops. We are glad to speak to churches, fellowships, student groups, and other communities of Christian faith, as well as interfaith initiatives. Check out our speaker bio and contact us using the form below: