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Human Rights Accountability for Systemic Racism in U.S. Policing

July 31, 2020


Health Care as a Moral Imperative: A Faith & Human Rights Perspective

May 15, 2020


Religion, Gender, Justice & Equality

March 5, 2020


Zero-Tolerance: The Trump Administration's Human Rights Violations Against Migrants on the Southern Border

Drexel Law Review
(July 2021)

Opinion: In the name of liberty for all, basic human rights for women must be protected

The Columbus Dispatch
July 2021

If We Are Equal Before God, We Must Be Equal Before The State

March 2021

A Bad Report Card on Human Rights

June 2020

Undermining Human Rights in the Name of Religious Freedom

November 2019

Sending the Four Horsemen Away

Yale Divinity School Reflections
Fall 2018

Book Reviews

Reclaiming Sacredness

Reclaiming Sacredness

A review of David P. Gushee, The Sacredness of Human Life: Why an Ancient Biblical Vision Is Key to the World’s Future

Other Recommendations

Journey Toward Justice

by Nicholas P. Wolterstorff

On Human Worth: A Christian Vindication of Equality

by Duncan B. Forrester

A World Made New: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

by Mary Ann Glendon

Eyes Off the Prize: The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights, 1944-1955

by Carol Anderson

Equal Means Equal: Why the Time for an Equal Rights Amendment is Now

by Jessica Neuwirth

Faith4Rights Toolkit

by UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights