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In recent days, we have been deeply grieved by the crisis, conflict, and traumatic loss of life in Israel and Palestine. We mourn the escalating violence that has rendered life harrowing and uncertain for so many of God’s beloved, including multitudes of civilians and innocent children. Each life matters profoundly and should be honored as sacred.

Alongside our friends at Religions for Peace, Justice Revival affirms that:

“Peace and safety are fundamental human rights entitled to all, Israeli and Palestinian alike—no person should have to live in fear or flee for their safety.” 

We join RFP in urging immediate cessation of all violence; respect for human rights and humanitarian law; and the provision of life-saving food, water, and medical care to those in need. The U.S. government should pursue these life-saving aims.

To stay up to date as events unfold, we recommend following Human Rights Watch and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights as two trusted sources.

While our mission focus at Justice Revival is within U.S. borders, our prayers and concern remain with siblings in the Middle East and in every region affected by armed conflict and humanitarian crisis.

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