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Tell Your Representative: Support the Equal Rights Amendment!

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a vital human rights reform that prohibits sex discrimination under the U.S. Constitution. It affords women and LGBTQ+ citizens full equality under the law for the first time in U.S. history.

House Joint Resolution 25 (HJ Res 25) is a bill to clarify that the ERA is now officially the law of the land since it has been adopted by two-thirds of Congress and ratified by three-fourths of states, as the Constitution requires.

This bipartisan bill makes clear that the arbitrary, unjust deadline previously attached to the amendment shall not pose a barrier to equality for all.

This resolution has an impressive 201 co-sponsors and counting (view the list here)!

Contact your Representative today and encourage them to co-sponsor HJ Res 25 if they haven’t already, because there should be no time limit on equality!