Annual Report2023


Dear Fellow Advocates,

Last year affirmed the vital need for a resounding human rights movement in the U.S.—one that draws insight, strength, and hope from the ministry of Christ.

In 2023, American public life was once again fraught with extremism, partisan division, and threats to our democracy. We grieved the ongoing scourge of religious nationalism and misuse of the Christian message to demean the marginalized. Last year saw heightened attacks on women and LGBTQ+ people, pronounced antisemitism and Islamophobia, and continued racist and anti-immigrant prejudice.

This community took bold action in response. In partnership with committed allies like you, Justice Revival inspired, engaged, and educated faith communities about human rights. Together, we advocated for equal protection, voting rights, an end to executions and solitary confinement, and other urgent causes.

From the pulpit to Capitol Hill, from seminary classrooms to social media, Justice Revival elevated an inclusive and liberating Christian message of justice for all.

We could not have done so without the collaboration and support of friends like you. Thank you for being part of this transformative movement, honoring a God who stands with the oppressed.

Read on to learn more about our shared impact in 2023, and as we press forward, I hope you will continue to join us in expressing neighbor love by defending human rights.

In hope,

A Boston congregation expresses justice and inclusion during Pride month.

Allyson McKinney Timm

Allyson McKinney Timm
Founder & Executive Director

Lateisha Garrett

Lateisha Garrett
Board Treasurer


Why Justice Revival?

In the U.S. today, Christianity is too often invoked to oppose rather than to uphold human rights. This threat became vividly clear on January 6, 2021, when an unprecedented physical attack on American democracy was carried out under the banner of religion. Sadly, the sins of racism and misogyny run through the historical fabric of this country, and the promise of equal citizenship remains unfulfilled.

This is why Justice Revival exists: to challenge the harmful misuse of our faith. We provide a public witness to the liberating biblical message of justice for the outcast, the prisoner, the stranger, and the poor. We marshal the resources of the Christian tradition to advocate with a prophetic voice for the equal human rights for all.

Together, as a faith-inspired movement, we can continue to reclaim Christianity as a force for good, and move our nation closer to the dream of Beloved Community.

Through an innovative blend of education, thought leadership, and advocacy, we cultivate knowledge of human rights and empower faith communities to take action for justice.

The mission of Justice Revival is to inspire, educate, and mobilize Christian communities to respond faithfully to the call to justice by standing in solidarity with the oppressed and defending the human rights of all.


Here’s what we accomplished together in 2023.


Mobilized people of faith to defend the sacred human dignity and rights of all.

  • =Alerted faith audiences to ongoing threats to human rights and mobilized advocacy for criminal justice reforms like the End Solitary Confinement Act and the Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act—vital protections for communities of color and other marginalized groups.
  • =United with allied Christian organizations to resist the growing threat of white Christian nationalism by protesting the harmful “ReAwaken America Tour” and urging audiences to sign the Christians Against Christian Nationalism statement.
  • =Rallied with fellow advocates outside the Supreme Court as oral arguments were heard in the case of U.S. v Rahimi. This pivotal case will determine whether abusers subject to domestic violence restraining orders retain the right to own guns.
Justice Revival and fellow advocates expressed solidarity with victims of domestic violence as the Supreme Court considered the case of U.S. v Rahimi, December 2023.
Rev. Dr. Pat Spearman of the Nevada State Senate preached perseverance at the pulpit where the Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced 100 years ago, in a Seneca Falls service co-hosted by Justice Revival, July 2023.
Faith-based advocates gather to learn more about the ERA with Justice Revival and the North Carolina Council of Churches, October 2023.


Equipped church and seminary audiences with a deeper understanding of human rights.

  • =Through collaborations with Yale Divinity School and Leland Seminary, we provided current and future faith leaders with innovative human rights education that drew from theological, ethical, legal, and historical perspectives; and shared tools to put their learning into action.
  • =Preached Sunday sermons in San Francisco, California, and the Washington, DC, area on biblical texts that illustrate the enduring need for equal rights and protections under the law.
  • =Provided keynote presentations to educate people of faith about human rights, gender equality, and how they can advance justice in our nation.

“We are grateful for the online series ‘Reclaiming a Faithful Vision of Universal Human Rights,’ where our audience explored three Protestant theologians’ work on human rights in relation to the pressing problems of injustice, systemic racism, rising nationalism, and enduring patriarchy. Allyson was engaging, sensitive, and knowledgeable, and helped our audience think about how to apply their learnings in their own contexts.”

Kelly Morrissey, Yale Divinity School’s Center for Continuing Education

Thought Leadership

Served as a bold public voice of Christian support for justice and equality.

  • =Published articles in Sojourners, Religion News Service, and Baptist News Global at critical national moments, to provide Christian ethical insight on the epidemic of domestic violence and the value of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  • =Provided media and podcast interviews to elevate a distinct faith perspective affirming gender justice, reproductive rights, and the enduring need for greater equality in U.S. policy.
  • =Inspired digital audiences with a Christian message in support of voting rights, LGBTQ+ equality, immigration justice, democratic integrity, prisoners’ rights, and other pressing issues.

Allyson McKinney Timm and Christian ethicist David P. Gushee explore what’s at stake in the Supreme Court case of U.S. v Rahimi, December 2023.

#Faith4ERA advocates from Justice Revival and WATER gathered in Congress to celebrate the launch of the ERA Now Resolution, July 2023. This bill calls the executive branch to certify and publish the ERA as the 28th Amendment.


As the Equal Rights Amendment turned 100 in 2023, Justice Revival’s #Faith4ERA campaign worked to get this long-awaited reform across the finish line for good.

  • =Demonstrated religious support for equality at critical events on Capitol Hill, including the launch of the new ERA Congressional Caucus, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Hearing on the ERA, and a youth-led rally to demand action on the ERA.
  • =Elevated interfaith voices in support of the ERA in congressional testimony, religious news outlets, on social media, and in advocacy messages sent directly to elected officials.
  • =Co-hosted a powerful interfaith service and a faith organizing workshop for attendees from across the U.S. at the historic ERA Centennial Convention in Seneca Falls, New York.
  • =Educated faith communities and civic groups about the enduring need for the ERA through workshops, sermons, and events, and inspired them to join the movement for constitutional equality.

We partnered with the North Carolina Council of Churches to create A Journey Towards Justice for Women and the LGBTQ+ Community, an Advent guide that supported Christians in reflecting, praying, and advocating for equality.

Shutting down Constitution Ave. in DC with the Young Feminist Party to call for the ERA to be recognized as the 28th Amendment, March 2023.

The Equal Rights Amendment is a basic human rights reform which affirms that: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the U.S. or by any state on account of sex.” It has met all requirements to become the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and needs only to be published by the U.S. Archivist. Learn more and join the fight!


By the Numbers

Seminary workshops on human rights taught for current and future faith leaders

Articles published and interviews given to voice faith support for equality

Rallies, press conferences, and key events supported on Capitol Hill

Sermons, presentations, and speaking engagements given on human rights and gender justice

People joined in-person and virtual events to deepen their understanding of human rights and the Equal Rights Amendment

Estimated people reached with a Christian message of support for human rights

The Justice Revival Board of Directors in June 2023: Lori Adams-Brown, Jennifer Gee, Lateisha Garrett, Lisa Sharon Harper, and Allyson McKinney Timm.

Thank You!

Justice Revival’s generous financial supporters, dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and board members, along with allied partners and advisors make this transformative work possible.

We are deeply grateful to our board for their strategic vision and generosity of time, talent, and resources. Special thanks to Jen Gee, who concluded her four-year tenure as Board Chair in 2023 and transitioned to the role of Board Secretary. Jen has been a dedicated ambassador, supporter, and champion of Justice Revival from the very start.

Why do you believe in Justice Revival’s mission of advancing human rights as an expression of Christian faith?

“This is the Gospel in its purest form: the spiritual equality of all beings, the preciousness of all regardless of external identity, a divinity that enfolds all in its unjudging and unconditional love… In almost every encounter in his reported life, canonical or apocryphal, Jesus challenges prejudice—particularly that born of self-righteousness or imagined intellectual superiority. We consider it a great privilege to be a modest part of this great work of living Jesus’ teaching.”

Cecilia Muñoz and Amit Pandya, longtime and steadfast Justice Revival friends & supporters

#Faith4ERA Organizer Marena Groll at the First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls where the ERA was first introduced by Alice Paul, July 2023.

We were delighted to welcome volunteer Marena Groll in 2023 as the North Carolina Organizer for the #Faith4ERA campaign. Her long-time activism and organizing on the ERA are valuable gifts to our interfaith movement for equal rights.

Together in 2023, this community was able to inspire, equip, and mobilize more people of faith to show up for human rights. Thank you for putting your faith in action and joining us to advance justice for all!


Financial Report

In 2023, 114 donor households and organizations contributed $107,050 towards Justice Revival’s mission, and we maintained an encouraging donor retention rate of 60%. Annual expenses totaled just under 90% of our approved budget, with over 74% of expenditures going directly toward our education and advocacy programs.

Although we ended the year with -$29,354 in net operating income due to a less robust fundraising season, we were grateful to finish 2023 with a healthy $45,106 in assets. Thank you to everyone who contributed and fueled this vital work in 2023!

Contribution Income

Functional Expenses

Statement of Activities for Year Ended Dec. 31, 2023

Statement of Financial Postion as of Dec. 31, 2023

Advocates gather at the Equal Rights Amendment Centennial Convention in Seneca Falls, July 2023.

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