Christian Human Rights Education

Justice Revival provides pioneering Christian education on justice and human rights designed specifically for U.S. church communities. This programming is the first of its kind in the United States. Our flagship course, “Human Rights in Christian Perspective,” explores human rights from historical, legal, and theological perspectives, emphasizing the rich support human rights finds within the Christian tradition. It invites participants to explore the relationship between their religious values and the ideal of human rights.

This flexible, interactive adult education program can be offered as a six-week series or a two-day workshop for congregants or clergy groups. The course is appropriate across a broad range of traditions and has been offered in Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Jesuit groups. Each session includes reflection on scripture and ideas for further reflection, dialogue, and action.

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When asked about their most valuable insights from Justice Revival’s course, responses included:

“Awareness of human rights of every individual.”

“How the Christian life and thinking underscores human rights.”

“The importance based on my faith of defending the rights of others.”

“To treat others as equals—more so than before.”

“There is a role for all of us to play.”


Rev. Chris Chatelaine-Samsen (Associate Pastor, Georgetown Presbyterian Church)
“Allyson helped us navigate through questions of both political and economic rights, Biblical and theological sources, and then finally, how these things translate into real life. I found these ideas exciting and transformative, and immediately picked up one of the books she suggested for further reading. After years of ministry, sometimes it feels hard to get excited about new areas of theology and practice, but this isn’t one of those times. I’m genuinely engaged in this important area now, and I hope that the way I and we do ministry will be permanently changed.”
Rev. Susan Querry Graceson (Associate Pastor, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, McClean, VA)
“Justice Revival is a breath of much-needed fresh air! The classes were informative and inspiring. Allyson prompted us to explore the theological roots of human rights, and to trace their development in America’s history. Her vast knowledge – from Bible stories to Supreme Court decisions – is deep and her Christian interpretation is rich... Each class session resulted in meaningful conversations about justice: what has happened in the world, what is happening now in the U.S. and around the world, and what we, as a Christian community can do about it. I highly recommend her classes to any community dedicated to justice and human rights!”

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