About Kolten Ellis

Kolten is a law student at Washington University in St. Louis and is particularly interested in thinking about and studying the relationship between law, ethics, and the Christian faith. He holds a BA in philosophy and economics from Rollins College in Orlando Florida, where he led small group Bible studies with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, focused on inviting non-Christians into a dialog about the Bible and the relationship between Christianity and contemporary cultural issues. Kolten enjoys reading, the outdoors, and finding new Netflix shows to watch with his fiancée, Lydia. He is a member of Central West End Church (EPC) in St. Louis, MO.

Fighting the Good Fight in the Struggle for Human Dignity: A Review of Amesbury & Newlands, Faith and Human Rights Is religion an ally to human rights, or an adversary? How can Christians navigate the apparent tension between the universal scope of human rights and a particular, historically-bound faith tradition which has often ignored the…

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